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The oldest olive production practices are known to have started during the period 6000-8500 B.C in the region between the Eastern Mediterranean – Southeastern Anatolia and Caucasia. It is not a mere coincidence that the great philosopher Aristotle had chosen these particular territories for founding an ideal state. He visited the region in the years 347-344 B.C. with the purpose of founding the ideal state, which was a great dream of his teacher Plato. Aristotle founded a school in Assos with the help of Hermias, the governor of Assos and also a student of Plato. Here, Aristotle falls in love with Pythias, a cousin of Hermias, and marries her. This was the period when the first seeds of Hellenistic Period were sown. nd once more, the energy of love and knowledge starts to spread in these territories ... Until to the time when the fears and egoism of Alexander the Great have turned the area into a place of conflagration. Conceptual thinking is a prerequisite of civilizations, and for the conceptual thinking it is important to be free of fears. That is why a significant number of great civilizations noted in the history have sprouted in that region. The mankind has accomplished to overcome its fears in these territories through the aid of knowledge and application of proper techniques. This, in fact, may be considered as a historical mission of olive oil. It is indeed no longer must be considered as a phenomenon of interest that the Sheikh Bedreddin movement, always tried to be concealed but has become distinguished with its leading characteristics, had also sprouted in this region in 15th Century A.D. A different aspect of Sheikh Bedreddin, who may be regarded as a follower of Mevlana with his concept of thinking, is that he was not satisfied with keeping his ideas only in the books. He had a vision for a model of community. His followers were able to accomplish the creation of a model of community which allowed the sharing of everything except “the cheek of one’s lover” in the early years of 15 th Century in the Aydın region. Couldn’t this utopia be considered as the first consciously experienced communal society known in the history, where all the people lived in peace with a feeling of sharing and without any discrimination with regard to religion, language or race? What they had accomplished within a period expressed only in decades still remains to be one of the most significant dreams, utopias of the mankind. As a matter of fact, could a person without a dream, without any utopia, go beyond anything other than serving merely as a means of production?