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Environment Policy


1.1 conserving energy, water, wood, paper and other resources;

1.2 reducing waste through re-use and recycling and by using recycled products and materials;

1.3 ensuring that any products used or derived from wildlife, such as timber and plants, are from sustainable sources, and comply with EU and international trading rules such as CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species);

Management - Communication

1.4 communicating openly with staff; educating, training and motivating our colleagues, and relevant others, to encourage them to support our environmental programmes and jointly develop new ideas and initiatives;

Management - Purchasing

1.5 encouraging manufacturers, suppliers and contractors through our contracts and other means to improve or develop environmentally preferable goods and services at competitive prices;

Management - Estates

1.6 ensuring, where practicable, that buildings occupied by us are designed, constructed and operated to optimise their environmental performance;

Management - Environment

1.7 demonstrating that, where relevant, environmental issues are considered when making decisions, planning and developing policy, programmes and projects.