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       Dhara O'live O'love is the green gold of Turkey. It might seem expensive to some people but each drop of it it's worth its price. Me, as a chef for healthy foods and the dad of 2 1/2 years old Marie İpek, who is a great fan of this unique oil drizzled over some cucumbers ( her favorite vegetables ), am convinced of the value of Dhara O'live O'love. I always tell people to pay attention to good food quality. Good quality ingredients are an investment into your own health. Eating natural nutrient dense food is the key to a healthy life. With purchasing this precious boutique made organic oil you do something great for yourself your beloved ones and our planet.


     "Olive oil is your factory located in Çanakkale region coincidence Ayvacık my usual gib ASOS'a have visited during a weekend trip, I decided to try the olive oil production prospects after seeing you produce. Every product, as in the image before the first choice of flavor and pesticide products (agricultural spraying and poison) and preventive medication without paying special attention to the maintenance of olive trees using THYME water, has been the main reason for me to choose products. particularly special to your customers is green olives collected early harvest extra virgin oil by squeezing the addict can tell you that you have obtained. nearly 5 years, and I consume your oil zeyinyağı bazaar in any way that I can not remember that today is the day. already Although I do not like flavors. it comes to me as well as heavy machine oil. olive oil Enough for years even before going to the Greek islands would provide. Yet, every year, until the delivery address after I met with visiting DHARA olive oil, I'm making now does not take the oil from Greece. wish to have your work constantly, especially to convey to us in our culture zeytiyağı thank you for their efforts.

        Olive oil to use in a flat plate, Antakya type pomegranate, quince syrup or concentrate a bit like vinegar flavored with natural sap Balzamic separately with the participation of Italian and spice mixtures after the addition of the powder according to taste, with fresh wheat bread bandırılarak ingestion, unspeakable yaşatabiliyor you a taste. "



Ahmet Artemiz               



     I evoke in me the taste of olive oil, I would like to mention the feelings of health and beauty. Oils, like me, someone who has the problem, one day, the sun smiles she gives us this great product and a great event met with olive oil produced.

        Manufacturers love olive oils obtained by adding the contribution of taste and will never heal our bodies can not be underestimated. Olive Oil! Such is produced, the taste does not get tired, become a part of your life. Day goes by without consuming olive oil since 2007. A poem-like taste and flavor, your body becomes a drug şifalayıcı.

Zeliha Tuncay               


     4-year-old daughter's hair Dhara olive oil won the lead after the start of an extraordinary vitality and shine. Also scanned with long hair is now very easy. TEŞEKÜRLER DHARA olive oil.

Mustafa Şimşek               

PRODUCED BY THE HEALTH DHARA kindness favors olive oil ...

        "Health and nutritional source of our energy and oğluşumun reliable choice Dhara olive oil ... I ..." Dhara olive oil flavor and health new doors opened our brains and bodies! Crowded and busy family. A breastfeeding mother, a man of business, a mother of 80, have a baby, and even have a dog. Since our son was born Demirhan not missing Dhara olive oil, in turn, met with almost no-rash-problem. Also in progress is not only my son is drinking baby to the doctor, the benefits are very positive bone development, he said.


        In my mother's need to show great attention to their diet because of heart disease. Digestive problems are also incredibly good at. I wish all the children and the elderly 'kindness' is produced immediately able to reach this oil! Stay in love and health. "

Neslihan Gökdemir               


       Hypothyroid patients and my skin was very dry. For this reason, would apply to my skin and my hair. I use my diet. Very lush. Very growing. Using a spoon so that it becomes used three spoons. Very satisfied. I would like to thank all those who contributed.

Hatice Aysel Gökçe               


    Dhara's mother was pregnant with Kayra one teaspoon every day for tanıştık.Gebeliği Hüdayi Hüdayi drank and never been out since the birth of Kayra tüketmedi oil. 40 At the moment 25 months, but the physical development, mental development at 60 months. They shared Pedagogunun scientific measurements. We believe that this development Hüdayi'nin contribution. Once again, thank you as well.


       Olive oil as a salad oil, for some reason, I knew in my childhood. Vita before my generation, I, like rama fats fed, the flower oil I met during my adulthood. After her mother to marry a lady from the origin of Crete olive oil dishes and vegetable dishes more than made ​​acquaintance and eating habits. In this way, differences in quality in recent years, getting to know the properties of olives and oil, thank goodness.

In the meantime, thanks to my wife and olive oil in terms of cardiovascular health and healthy children grew up. In the last three years in Turkey, which is the highest quality oils, olive oils Dhra brands have in abundance consumes. Maybe a little exaggerated, but the foot of the mountains of goose production sites as a family, going to the factory and olive groves, diligence, our eyes have seen the quality of their meals of tatdık, they ate their clients / friends witnessed what is presented.

        Benefits of olive oil, nutrition, and medical advances will be understood more'm sure by now, my life, my story confirms it.

God olives, like so many wolves, birds and other mortars food, just let him eat people can not help thinking he has created the pain.

I think all the olive oil obtained from the olive oil to pay attention to quality health adlandırılmamalı.Seçerken what you need to remind you that the olive oil is beneficial isterim.Gerçek? What is not helpful is the question? I guess the best way to answer that describes kattıklarını lives.

Osman Kaya               


       I tatdım lotion this weekend. Exactly much.The taste of childhood for many years almıyordum.Gerçekten never tasted this amazing olive oil, syrup congratulate falandı.Sizi like.

Bahar Canbeyli