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Van Gogh & Olive

Van Gogh and Olive Trees

Van Gogh and Olive Trees

Van Gogh's paintings carry a depth of feeling that for him was almost religious in nature. Van Gogh created fifteen canvases of olive trees between June and December of 1889. Earlier that year he had begun to suffer symptoms associated with epilepsy and had interned himself in the asylum of St-Paul, in the town of St-Rémy in southern France. There, during long periods of tranquility, he created his most profound works, including the series of olive orchards.


Van Gogh 1                     Van Gogh 2                       Van Gogh 3
    Van Gogh 4                    Van Gogh 5                   Van Gogh 6        
   Van Gogh 7                  Van Gogh 8                    Van Gogh 9
                                            Van Gogh 10
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