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What is the project's philosophy?
Today, the very place of the consumption of olive oil, 21 liters Greece. A simple calculation 700,000 km2 million yapılmaktadır.Bu calculation of production on the land without destroying nature in the Mediterranean scenarios lead to devastating fighting against nature açacaktır.İnsanların live in peace with each other, or to humanize the most important symbol of the world.
What is extra virgin olive oil?
The exclusion of oils obtained using solvents or re-esterification processes of the olive tree (Olea europaea L.) fruit edilir.Vitrin obtained with a mixture of olive oil and other mechanical or other physical means, particularly thermal conditions, the fruits of the olive tree and olive oil obtained yağlardır.Sızma olerik acid gelir.Zeytinyağının 0.8 corresponds to 100 grams in other properties; Ref. IOOC
Organic Olive Oil What is it?
Organic olive oil on human health and without harming the natural balance tutulur.Erozyon terrace system, using minimum tillage önlemir.Zeytin üretilmektedir.Zeytinliklere olives trees, using the hands touching the ground toplanır.Kesinlikle içiin olive oil to olive oil producer önemlidir.Organik time to produce oil that is produced is significant edilmelidir.Tesis galvanized steel tanks to preserve the quality of housing should be kept high hygiene standards, the gardens of olive oil to the consumer at every stage of the process controlled by independent inspection and certification bodies certification body edilir.Böylece labels "organic" and consumer confidence in the product label for use in healthy onaylar.ORGANİK provides a feeding.
What Kind of Cooking Oil For I use?
Extra virgin olive oil, affecting the long-term health has been scientifically established that the beneficial effects of .High quality Olive Oils;
-protects against cardiovascular disease
-breast, intestine, colon-rectal, stomach, prostate, leukemia, protects against the formation of cancers.
- "Bad" cholesterol level / LHD preserves.
-Protects the level of blood pressure.
-Have anti-inflammatory effects
-Reduces the risk of Alzheimer's.
-Diyaabeti obstacles and delays.
-Regulates digestion.
-Weight is a check and prevents obesity.
-Strengthen the immune system.
- Play an important role for the healthy development of the fetus during pregnancy
- A source of vitamin E during breastfeeding
-Osteoporosis, memory loss and prevents aging of the skin.
Olive Oil Quality How Do I Know? Quality color and flavor of olive oil Can Understand?
Can not distinguish the color and taste of olive oil quality .. should be confirmed by chemical analysis of the quality of olive oil.
Today, Bottle of olive oil and a choice as to how should I do?
Why should you buy a bottle of olive oil in a transparent?
According to the recommendations of an expert is recommended to buy .. Transparent bottle of olive oil bottle olive oil sector in dark bottles will be lost.
What Are the Healing Properties of Olive Oil?
Health impact of olive oil, oleic acid in olive oil is considered .. The truth is that the quality of the components is considered to be due to the ELIXIR.
Minor Components of Olive Oil Home
-Triterpene alcohols
Dhara Oil From Turkey to Buy?
To see a list of reference
When can I visit DHARA Factory?
To visit our factory any time bekleriz.Bizim season begins in October and December.
During the season I'm a volunteer and I want to Olive Pick-up. When the season ends, and when the season started.
Usually begins in mid-October and ends in December. Learn more için.factory
Any literature or olive oil on Health Effects of Where Can I Find Scientific Research?
IOOC and buy books at books and other specialized literature and the internet you can read the views of experts yapabilirsiniz.Ayrıca scientific research libraries.
Bu zeytinyağının En İyi Anti-aging Kaynaklarından Biri Olduğu Doğru Mu?
Zeytinyağı ve Antioksidan etkisi foneller,tocophenols steroller vb.karotenoidler
Do you participate in exhibitions?
In 2006 joined:
06-09.04.2006 Harbiye Military Museum, Istanbul, Istanbul 2006 5-th Ecology
Organic Products and Eco-Fair
14-16.08.2006 Hilton Hotel, Istanbul AOCS World Conference on Olive Oil
02-05.11.2006 Harbiye Military Museum, Istanbul, Diet and Natural Products Exhibition
22-25.11.2006 CNR, IstanbulIstanbul Food 2006
14-17.12.2006 İDTM Istanbul Expo Center, Istanbul Exponature
In 2007, we participated in the following exhibitions:
İDTM 18-21.01.2007, Istanbul Gourmex 2007 5-th International Exhibition of Gourmet Products
Show Lutfi Kirdar International Hall, Istanbul BABY & KIDS
15-18.02.2007 Nurnberg, Germany BioFach 2007 Nuremberg, Germany
Olive oil and edible oil 16-18.04.2007 3-d China International Exhibition, Beijing, China, and we are planning to attend:
1 Biofach, Japan Date October 10 to 12, 2007 in Tokyo, Japan
For more information, please contact us at: