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Olive Oil

Dhara is a boutique producer of exclusive organic olive oil in Turkey. Our prime objective is to create a high quality olive oil.

Olive trees and cropping

There are a number of major points which should be followed for an olive oil to be of high quality; starting from the care of the trees to the oil storage conditions.
We treat our olive trees as if they are children.
The olive-picking process largely determines the quality of the oil that is produced. We pick up olives by hand thus avoiding damage to both the fruit and the trees. We use olives only from the trees. After picking, the most important factor in determining the quality of the oil is the time that elapses between the picking and the pressing of the oil. At the end of October, when the olives are still green, we collect the fruit in the morning and within a few hours they are taken to the oil press.


One of the most crucial factors in determining the quality of the oil is the method of production. Olive oil should be produced in the CORRECT way to reserve its healing qualities i.e. the vitamins, minerals and antioxydants, etc. In our production the principle of "HEAT, SPEED and QUANTITY" is strictly avoided. Our brand new oil press is designed in accordance with the antique pressing methods to produce a very limited quantity of high-quality olive oil.

The olive oil production process consists of 3 main stages: (1) olives are crushed into a paste, (2) the "olive juice" is squeezed out of the paste. and (3) the vegetative water from olives that is present in the "juice" is separated off from olive oil. To preserve richness and flavour we produce Dhara olive oil with patience and love, paying particular attention to hygiene and we add no chemicals or any other additives and supplements (enzymes, etc).

To retain maximum flavour we do not filter the oil, we use TIME as a natural filtration medium allowing any sediment to gradually settle to the bottom of the storage tanks. All our storage tanks are made of galvanized steel to protect the oil from any chemical reaction or germ contamination. Azoth gas is used to protect the oil from oxidation process.

Our Mission

We channel all our efforts in gathering and distributing information about olive oil culture. Our objective is to revive knowledge about the healing properties of olive oil and increase olive oil application thus helping, first of all, sick children.

We are pleased to share with you our olive oil as a HEALTH ELÄ°XÄ°R proved by centuries of knowledge.
The ingredients of this olive oil are health, joy, wisdom and love! Enjoy!